Learn how to play piano even if you don’t know how to read music sheets.

Use it on your PC Corei3+

(Chrome, Opera, and Edge) and Mac.

Minimum speed of internet 15 MB

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  1. Horizontal and vertical piano roll
  2. Three levels
  3. Choose the speed you prefer
  4. Start at any point
  5. Loop
  6. There is no voice over the music
  7. Lyrics
  8. Piano roll or sheets
  9. Musical notes
  10. Chords
  11. Fingers
  12. Choose the screen color
  13. Speed levels, without distorting the audio
  14. Open the last song you were learning

Why study with Piano Roll Covers?

PIANO ROLL COVERS is a quick and very simple method to learn how to play the piano with the songs that you like, even if you have not played a key or read music sheets.

We teach you how to play by levels and as our learning is based on repetition, there is no locution over the music to distract you.

PIANO ROLL COVERS takes you to a new level, from scratch, to wherever you want to go!